Monday, August 8, 2016

Technology is King

This is our great grandmother Polly. She epitomizes my mood.  It isn't a good mood.  There have been some challenges that I haven't quite taken in stride.  We had our 7th power outage of the summer yesterday.  Right now it is working (hence the blog post).  These power outages are not the result of weather.  They are because of equipment failure.  All I'm going to say is I'm waiting patiently for the power company to make things right.  If they don't I will have to channel my inner "grandma Polly" and let them know how I really feel.  Which begs the question.....what do you do when your power goes out?  You can go shopping.... Shopping somewhere air-conditioned and with working light bulbs.  You can clean (ugh) and straighten your fabric shelves.
What you can't do is do any work on the computer. You can't cook, sew, iron, or read a book after dark.  I survived. Other people have much greater challenges, but it is aggravating when it seems absolutely unnecessary.  

Ok, end of rant.

I had a great weekend at Elk Grove Wisconsin at Patched Works Quilt Shop.  I would love to show you pictures, but it seems any photo I took and put on Instagram - I cannot access right now. Except this one - Julie is going to have a Portage Lake Block of the Month club starting in October at Patched Works!

The great news is that Grand Traverse Bay fabric from Moda has shipped/or is being shipped right now to your local quilt shops.

This quilt is Martin Place - made with a Fat Quarter bundle and background fabric.  It makes a king size quilt (or smaller if you prefer)

I'm going to take advantage of our electricity and try to get some work done today.  Keep your fingers crossed.



Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Latest News

We've had a bit of drama here.....
That is mail burning. Probably some of mine.  Whoops.  Hope the electric company doesn't turn off the power because the bill is late.

We had some fun....
Gibby had oodles of fun meeting and playing with his French cousins - William, Sophie, and Julia.

I'm trying to get all my ducks in a row because this weekend I will start cutting, and shipping the Portage Lake BOM!  Yep, all you anxious people won't have too long to wait!

We've just had 1 cancellation - so if you want to get in.......... let me know.  I have room for 1 more.


The new patterns for Cotton Works have landed too so they are in stock ready to ship

And in other news, for those people of Illinois and Wisconsin - I will be at Patched Works in Elm Grove Wisconsin on August 6th for several trunks shows!  Whee!  It's a great reason to ride the fast ferry across Lake Michigan as the shop is quite close to the dock.  Zooming across Lake Michigan in August - to visit quilters - sounds dreamy



Monday, July 11, 2016

Cotton Works Layer Cake™ Winners

Thanks everyone!

The winners are:

Linda - (msstitcher)  and Kathiquilts

Linda has been emailed and - Kathiquilts - please contact me at

Some of you were wondering about hooking with this.  Polly has hooked this chicken with the new Cotton Works fabrics.

The chicken uses 2 of the black and greys from Cotton Works.  She used an 8 cut and she says it hooks beautifully.  The fabrics are woven just like their wool counterparts - so each weave is a little different.  Polly says that the solid Cotton Works has a unique weave that does make it ravel and it doesn't hook so well, but the solids are a small part of this collection.  The chicken's feet and comb are Cotton Works too - the background is black wool.  So, you can see it works well to mix in with your wool - if you are a rug hooker.

Also - I have put some kits on sale in the SALE section of our Etsy store



Thursday, July 7, 2016

Introducing Cotton Works

It's always fun to introduce you to our new fabric collections.  This one is just a bit different, so it super fun.

This is Cotton Works!  Cotton works looks like wool, it feels like wool, it stitches like wool, but it's 100% cotton.

It's perfect for all your stitchery projects, quilts, and even rug hooking!  (I'll have some photo's soon of some of Polly's hooking using it.)

Cotton Works is thicker than your traditional quilt fabrics, but it can still be used in quilting - with just a few modifications.  We found that it helps to starch it before you cut and we pieced quilts with a larger seam allowance and we pressed the seams open. That's it.  (Our piecing patterns will have the instructions for this) It stitches like a dream for raw edge appliqué that traditionally uses wool - projects like penny rugs, and table toppers.
 This is Flower Day - a spring time table topper.  It is raw edge appliqué and I used a fusible.

Flower Day is in our Etsy store.

Here are some more that I have finished

Gridiron is our Fall table topper and is in our Etsy store.
This is our winter table topper - Schuss

And our summer table topper - Grand Haven - which has both piecing and appliqué

Grand Haven

We also made this masculine quilt - don't you think this fabric group would make great quilts for the the guys in your life?

This is Ironwood.  It measures 50" x 70" and has large easy pieces.

Cotton Works is now being shown by the super duper Moda sales reps to shops right now.  They have  the fabric so shop owners can actually see and feel it's "woolness".  

But....... I have 2 Layer Cakes™ here that I want you to feel and see - at least a couple of you anyway.

Make a comment here before midnight Sunday July 10th and you could have a Layer Cake™ to fondle and sew.



Wednesday, June 29, 2016


How did the time get away from me.  My last post for Memorial Day weekend and now the 4th of July weekend is creeping up on us.  Life keeps on lifing and all is good here.  Polly and I took a trip to Nebraska and I'm been stitching away every evening.  Here is my progress so far on the Star A Day quilt....

These are 6 of the 9 sections needed for the finished quilt. It's kind of neat to see them spread out like that.  They have a kind of patriotic look, don't they?

We have been lucky with the weather here and the summer has been lovely.  The Farmer's Market has been bursting with berries and cherries.  I even attempted this on Father's Day.....

I had to steal this picture from the internet because we were too late to capture mine with a photo. It disappeared fast.  Mine looked just like this one - maybe even neater.  Here is the recipe I used to make Norwegian Strawberry Cake.

If you've been following along on Instagram (I have to admit Instagram is so much easier than blogging.  A quick photo and accompanying sentence instead of a planned post).  Anyway, I've been posting some patriotic quilts and rugs.  Asked why, I said because I can.  Some people took that to mean because of Freedom, Liberty and all that.  That's true, but my first thought was that Polly and I have quite the inventory of patriotic quilts and rugs. What better time to bring them out, so to speak.

The Victory Girl quilt from the book of the same name

Beach Girl

Sand Pails from our first book - Folk Art Friends   

Beach Boy


The Spirit of Sacagawea from the book of the same name.

Crossed Flags from Victory Girls

V is For Victory from the Victory Girls book 

Memorial Day

Patriotic Kitties from Victory Girls

 Hug a dog and cat today.  This is a tough weekend for them. Poor Gibby wants to outlaw firecrackers.



Thursday, May 26, 2016

Decoration Day

Does anyone still use that term for Memorial Day anymore? That was what our parents called the end of May holiday.  The internet told me that Decoration Day was the first name of the holiday after the Civil War.  Our parents aren't quite that old - but their parents and grandparents were.
Frederick Childe Hassam

We hope you have a fantastic Red, White and Blue holiday! Make sure to dress appropriately.

Whether you go to the pool....

Or a gala......

Or whether you curl up in your patriotic room and read a good book....
from Habitually

Always have a cool drink to keep you hydrated.......

In our heart we love the red, white and blue!  

To help a little with the celebration, we have 1 kit for sale over the long Decoration Day weekend.

Polly's Stars and Stripes kit is 25% off until midnight Memorial - Decoration Day.  All you need to do is put the code DECORATIONDAY in the coupon code box.  You can find the kits HERE



Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Post Market Wrap Up and Winners!!!!

We're back. We're tired, and we're happy. The big plans I have every year of taking more pictures is still unfulfilled, but I did manage a few.  You only get a few chances to walk around and explore.  Most of the time is spent in your booth talking to customers and friends.
This is what we saw on the first day - Set Up Day.  Aurifil was unpacking.....

Jamie and Tammy were building trees for the Moda Camp booth.

Our favorite Brits - Tony and Janet had their Flight fabric collection looking spiffy.  Tony surprised me with his excellent dance moves.

I asked Sandy Klop of American Jane to make sure she saves a kit of this beauty for me.  It's made with Hop, Skip and Jump - her new line of fabric.

Jen Kingwell is looking regal in her amazing display of quilts, patterns, and fabrics.
Gingiber  is a new Moda Designer.  Thicket was very popular.

Holly - the genius graphic designer, booth builder, quilt maker, jack of all trades - made this stunner. 

Our booth neighbor Betsy Chutchian had her lovely quilts made with Hope's Journey. 

Linda White of Gum Valley Patchwork stopped by to chat and gave us a copy of her new book - Elenor Jean.  Elenor Jean (along with her previous quilt - Dear Prudence) are awe inspiring. They are an English Paper Piecer's dream.  They are also both made with Minick and Simpson fabrics. Thanks Linda, for making us look so good.

We stopped by to visit Paul and Karen of Somerset Patchworks and to pick up new supplies (for you!!!) of Mrs. Billings and Star A Day patterns.  Karen may or may not have lured me into a new hand pieced project.  I'm 2/3 finished with my Star A Day - it will have to wait for that.

We had a nice chat with Kathy Doughty of Material Obsession.  This is her new line with Free Spirit. We love the hand quilting!

Now, on the winner of the Grand Traverse Bay Fat Quarter Bundle™ - Gayle

Gayle has already been contacted, but I have some good news...... I have picked 3 other winners!
These 3 will get Quilt Market goodies!




Ladies, email me at to get your goodies!



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