Thursday, May 26, 2016

Decoration Day

Does anyone still use that term for Memorial Day anymore? That was what our parents called the end of May holiday.  The internet told me that Decoration Day was the first name of the holiday after the Civil War.  Our parents aren't quite that old - but their parents and grandparents were.
Frederick Childe Hassam

We hope you have a fantastic Red, White and Blue holiday! Make sure to dress appropriately.

Whether you go to the pool....

Or a gala......

Or whether you curl up in your patriotic room and read a good book....
from Habitually

Always have a cool drink to keep you hydrated.......

In our heart we love the red, white and blue!  

To help a little with the celebration, we have 1 kit for sale over the long Decoration Day weekend.

Polly's Stars and Stripes kit is 25% off until midnight Memorial - Decoration Day.  All you need to do is put the code DECORATIONDAY in the coupon code box.  You can find the kits HERE



Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Post Market Wrap Up and Winners!!!!

We're back. We're tired, and we're happy. The big plans I have every year of taking more pictures is still unfulfilled, but I did manage a few.  You only get a few chances to walk around and explore.  Most of the time is spent in your booth talking to customers and friends.
This is what we saw on the first day - Set Up Day.  Aurifil was unpacking.....

Jamie and Tammy were building trees for the Moda Camp booth.

Our favorite Brits - Tony and Janet had their Flight fabric collection looking spiffy.  Tony surprised me with his excellent dance moves.

I asked Sandy Klop of American Jane to make sure she saves a kit of this beauty for me.  It's made with Hop, Skip and Jump - her new line of fabric.

Jen Kingwell is looking regal in her amazing display of quilts, patterns, and fabrics.
Gingiber  is a new Moda Designer.  Thicket was very popular.

Holly - the genius graphic designer, booth builder, quilt maker, jack of all trades - made this stunner. 

Our booth neighbor Betsy Chutchian had her lovely quilts made with Hope's Journey. 

Linda White of Gum Valley Patchwork stopped by to chat and gave us a copy of her new book - Elenor Jean.  Elenor Jean (along with her previous quilt - Dear Prudence) are awe inspiring. They are an English Paper Piecer's dream.  They are also both made with Minick and Simpson fabrics. Thanks Linda, for making us look so good.

We stopped by to visit Paul and Karen of Somerset Patchworks and to pick up new supplies (for you!!!) of Mrs. Billings and Star A Day patterns.  Karen may or may not have lured me into a new hand pieced project.  I'm 2/3 finished with my Star A Day - it will have to wait for that.

We had a nice chat with Kathy Doughty of Material Obsession.  This is her new line with Free Spirit. We love the hand quilting!

Now, on the winner of the Grand Traverse Bay Fat Quarter Bundle™ - Gayle

Gayle has already been contacted, but I have some good news...... I have picked 3 other winners!
These 3 will get Quilt Market goodies!




Ladies, email me at to get your goodies!



Tuesday, May 17, 2016

We're Going to A Convention!

Polly and I are packing right now to go to a convention.....

Nope, not this kind of convention.

We're going here....
The Salt Lake City Convention Center.  We'll be running into all sorts of friends and compadres.  Business will be done, but lots of laughing will be done too. 
International Quilt Market - Spring 2016 (photo from a year or so ago)

I'll try to keep the photos coming as we work.  I have 48 lbs of quilts in one of my suitcases.

This got packed..... as did this

It's so big I can't get a picture of it.  

What would you like a photo of? What booth would you like to visit? What restaurant would you dine at? What new shoes would you wear? 

Leave a comment about that - or anything else and you could win a new Fat Quarter Bundle™ of Grand Traverse Bay - that's enough fat quarters to make the quilt above - Martin Place (25 Fat Quarters and background fabric)  - it's almost like I go to Sample Spree FOR you.  

We'll draw for a winner when we get back home.



Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Bolt End Sale

This is just giving you a head's up on our sale in our Etsy store.  We are expecting lots of bolts of fabric for our upcoming Portage Lake Block of the Month.  I need to make room, so I have partial bolts of many fabrics that were used in previous kits.
This was me making a pile of them earlier today.  They are all now listed in our Etsy store.  All are Moda Fabrics.  There are prints (Minick and Simpson and other Moda Designers) for $5.00 per yard. There are specialty fabrics like Cross Weaves and Denims for $6.00 per yard and we have a few Bella Solids for $4.00 a yard.  



Friday, May 6, 2016

The Airing Of The Quilts

All the quilts are back from the long arm quilter and they developed some creases being boxed up and shipped.  It was a gorgeous day today and I realized you haven't seen many of these close up - in their natural habitat.  This is Martin Place.  This is a large, yet simple quilt - made all the more yummy with some great quilting.

This is Miller Avenue.  It is being photographed ON Miller Avenue.  

This is Ric Rac.  It was a delight to hand quilt (in the style of UK strippy quilts).  I have included the hand quilting patterns and a few of my hand quilting tips in this pattern too. 

Gibby likes Ric Rac......

He even aired out a few things of is own while he was admiring it.

Portage Lake is finished and ready for a summer by the water.

Daleview really got wrinkled and I'm letting it hang out in the studio until it relaxes.

We hope you get to get out in the sunshine this weekend.  Remember we have a holiday on Sunday.  In honor of Mother's Day - everything in our Etsy store is 15% off this weekend.  Just use the coupon code MOTHER to get your discount.



Thursday, April 28, 2016

Worst Vacation Ever - Or, How My Suitcase Went To Paris and I Didn't

This is what we were hoping for.......

Instead the entire extent of our trip to Paris consisted of my suitcase sitting in a room like this for a day.

First of all, before I tell this tale, let me say I AM FINE.  Perfectly physically healthy, but possibly mentally deranged.

Polly and I have been planning our getaway to Paris for quite awhile.  We scheduled, we studied, we prepared in every way we could think of.  And yet it didn't happen.  While I was getting ready to board my flight to New York (where I would meet up with Polly and then fly to Paris) I became ill.  I had the 2 symptoms that if you get them alone they are only mildly disconcerting, but when you get them together - you are trained to take action.  I had chest pains and nausea.  It didn't seem wise to set out on a transatlantic trip with these symptoms so I had it checked out.  

It quickly became clear that our cancelled trip was due to nothing.  The EMT technicians even asked if I "was afraid to fly".  Geesh.  All cardiac tests were normal.  I then was taken to ER and then tested for weird stuff. Still negative.  They told me that I might have a virus.  It's either that - or "you have a virus" is code for mentally unbalanced.  

My suitcase made it to Charles de Gaulle Airport and stayed overnight before coming back home to me.  Lucky suitcase.

Don't feel too bad for me.  We are re-booking our trip as I type this.  Those exotic pictures I promised to take.....sorry.  We'll try to take even more when we go at Christmas time.



Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Voyage Avril

We have worked hard with sewing deadlines and proof-reading deadlines to fit in a little fun.

Polly and I are going on a little trip....

Any guess to where me might go?

We will be gone until May.  Our Etsy store is still open, but items won't be shipped until May 1st.

For those that have asked, we have filled our reservations for the Portage Lake Block of the Month, but don't despair!!!!!!  It will be available from other sources.  Just google it and find quilt shops that are signing up for it right now.  There will be more after May when shops will see it in person at International Quilt Market.  We're looking forward to seeing all your progress on this later this summer.

You might remember this little quilt we made in Miss Scarlet fabric - Polly's Stars and Stripes.
Now I have 2!  I had some pre-cuts of Grand Traverse Bay and it works with that too.

Starting this weekend, follow us on Instagram to see pictures of our trip.



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